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From Micro to Rack, Switchblade vMix systems solve problems at a price customers can afford with features found only in broadcast class solutions.

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4"x4" Footprint  |  Encoder / Switcher

Flyk & Splyce.


  • 1 SDI Input
  • vMix Basic HD
  • Switch, Stream, Record
  • 2 SDI Inputs
  • vMix HD
  • NewBlue FX Express
  • Virtual Sets
  • Zoom, Skype, Youtube
  • SDI to NDI


2U Rack Production Switcher

Switchblade 2U
  • 4-8 SDI Inputs or
  • 4 HDMI HD or 4K Inputs
  • vMix HD or 4K
  • NewBlue FX Complete
  • Virtual Set Pack
  • 6x Removable SSD Bays


3U High Power Switcher / Replay

Switchblade 3U
  • Mix 4-16 HDMI or SDI Inputs HD and 4K
  • vMix HD or 4K
  • NewBlue FX Complete
  • Virtual Set Pack
  • Optional Redundant Power Supply
  • Optional Obsidian Specs
  • 6x Removable SSD Bays

Amazing Features

Awesome features tear through any production.

Powered by vMix


Industry award winning realtime media software for switching cameras, video, replay, remote interviews, and encoding.

Stream to Facebook

Facebook Streaming

Via API, RTMP, or UVC as well as Youtube, Twitch, or up to any 3 RTMP platforms at different resolutions.

Graphic Template Power


With NewBlue FX Titler Live in every box you get amazing live templates and Complete gives you realtime Social, Sports, and Presentation power.


NewTek NDI

Studios are moving away from SDI based infrastructure to save on costs and massively increase the flexibility. Every Switchblade System can encode and decode NDI.

Hardware Control

Skaarhoj Control Surface

Switchblade Systems are compatible with a wide range of control surfaces including Skaarhoj, MIDI, and USB Keyboard devices.

No Limits

vMix Abilities

Most live production systems are limited in the number of inputs, video players, graphics channels, and still stores. Switchblade systems are flexible to meet your needs.


What's New With Splyce?

Splyce is twice the inputs, featuring 2 SDI inputs, vMix HD, in a form factor that sits in the palm of your hand.

  • vMix HD - Record, Stream
  • Convert SDI to NDI
  • Powerpoint via NDI
  • NewBlueFX Express
  • Chromakeyer and Virtual Sets
  • 1 Channel vMix Call
  • Optional HDMI Output
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$1,395 - $1,895


  • 1-2 SDI Inputs
  • vMix Basic / HD
  • NewBlue FX Express
  • Telephone Support
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Switchblade 2U Popular

$4,995 - $5,995


  • 4-8 HDMI / SDI Inputs
  • vMix HD / 4K
  • NewBlue FX Complete
  • Telephone Support
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Switchblade 3U

$7,995 - $8,995


  • 4-16 HDMI / SDI Inputs
  • vMix HD / 4K
  • NewBlue FX Complete
  • Telephone Support
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